• Visibility Truck

Visibility Truck concept

Visibility Truck represents concept of  European truck in close future. The main idea of design cabin shape is visibility from inside. Bottom edge of windows is much more down, what secures better glimpse on cyclists and walkers, especially in the city. Window behind the doors helps to see situation behind B pillar and is inconspicuously harmonized by color tinting of bodywork. Front steps appear by moving parts of the front grill and bottom spoiler serves as a the first step and also as open element for air in the front bottom. Handle is hidden in the middle of windshield, which serves as logo part and space for massive wiper mechanism. Tail lights and target lights on the side and front are designed in lines which are much more visible from longer distance but create also nice typical elements which help distinguish the Visibility truck on the road from others.

Driver is sitting in the middle and the the front and back cameras helps to view situation around truck. I chose bright material to express bright feeling in inside with combination of practical dark brown fabrics and leather on the seats and beds. Middle parts of steering wheel is fixed, without turning. Under speedometer is situated the main touch display, which concentrate functions divided to modes: navigation, semi-trailer, maintenance, equipment but could be communication, fun or others. The beds are not equipped by classic networks but by turning barrier. Massive ladder provides more comfortable climbing up to top bed.

Semi-trailer shows an idea how to open the lorry space from both sides and from the top in one time quickly and effective.

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